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Discount Codes

Discount Codes are subject to the following Terms and Conditions^:

  • Discount Codes are valid during specific dates for online orders at
  • A Discount Code may be used for a one-time purchase only, unless otherwise stated.
  • You must Log In or Sign Up to use a Discount Code.
  • A Discount Code may be used only for selected publications.
  • Discount Codes may not be used for Pre-Order publications.
  • Discount Codes are not available to Academic Libraries. Please contact us for relevant offers.
  • A Discount Code must be correctly entered at the Shopping Cart page.
  • Only one Discount Code may be entered per order.
  • Contact Intelligent Spas before finalising your order if you are unsure how to use the Discount Code.
  • A Discount Code cannot be applied to a completed order.
  • No refund will be offered if a Discount Code was not entered correctly.
  • A Discount Code is not exchangeable for cash.
  • Intelligent Spas reserves the right to change or cancel a Discount Code at any time without notice.
  • Purchases are made in accordance with Intelligent Spas’ Terms and Conditions.