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News Release

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Intelligent Spas Releases Spa Operating Procedures Manuals

in Thai

Singapore, 9 October 2007 - Intelligent Spas has released its popular series of Spa Operating Procedures Manuals in Thai to assist spa businesses raise service standards, improve customer satisfaction, create and maintain spa ambience, implement employee training and reduce costs associated with waste and inefficient processes.

The topic-focused manuals are ideal for improving a particular problem area of spa operations, or for providing a complete and consistent set of standard operating procedure manuals to effectively train all spa employees and efficiently operate a professional spa facility. The content is designed to be applicable to different types and sizes of spa facilities and to allow operators to implement industry best practices.

Intelligent Spas' current industry survey identifies Thailand as the largest spa market in the Asia Pacific region, with over 570 spa facilities. Quality standard operating procedures manuals ensure spas achieve and maintain competitiveness.

The manuals currently available include:

Client Interaction & Service Standards Manual

Given growing competition coupled with increasing consumer demands, it is critical spa employees are trained in each potential client interaction situation and deliver the standards of service necessary to deliver satisfying spa experiences.

Housekeeping and Spa Presentation Manual

Housekeeping and presentation are not only critical in providing a clean, hygienic and safe environment, but also to assist with the establishment and continuation of spa ambience.

Spa Human Resource Management Manual

The Spa Human Resource Management Manual provides spa managers with a confidence-building business tool, which greatly reduces the time taken to conduct repetitive and administrative tasks.

Spa Employee Handbook Manual

The Spa Employee Handbook Manual provides spa managers and supervisors with a useful tool to reduce interruptions and enable employees to work self-sufficiently.

Julie Garrow, Managing Director of Intelligent Spas ( stated “Spa owners, managers and directors should not micro-manage staff and continuously address minor issues. Intelligent Spas professional series of Spa Operations Manuals makes it easy to establish a practical system for repetitive and time consuming activities, enabling management efforts to be channelled towards maximising the spa’s success. We are proud to offer practical, leading-edge publications which are comprehensive, editable, time-saving and cost effective.”

Over 4,000 hours of professional development and editing have gone into these manuals, created by international experts with collectively over fifty years experience in the spa and related industries.

These unique resources are literally your virtual consultant, detailing practical guidelines and processes you may reference and customise to your own specific requirements.

The difference between policies and procedures is often confused so the policy and procedure items are meticulously separated and documented to provide reliable and practical business solutions.

Business Benefits

1.     Instant professionally formatted, topic-focused manuals requiring minimal customisation.

2.     A cost-effective investment saving spa businesses thousands of man hours and/or consulting dollars when compared to creating a new manual from the beginning.

3.     Effective staff management through the establishment or improvement, then maintenance of consistent operations and administrative practices.

4.     Maximisation of the spa's bottom line and overall performance as managers experience fewer interruptions by employees requiring clarification.

Key Features

1.     Critical spa policy items describing spa rules, standards and strategies.

2.     Comprehensive spa procedure items outlining detailed sequence of tasks.

3.     An editable file format for easy customisation (Site, Enterprise and Consultant Licenses only).

4.     Ready-to-use forms, checklists, scripts and samples to complete your manual.

5.     Supporting process maps illustrating the flow of policy and procedure items, ideal for training.


The Thai and English manuals are available for purchase and immediate download from

Package Discount - purchase all four manuals and receive a 20% discount.

Spa Consultants - purchase a "Consultant License" to receive the editable version of the manuals and copyright to customise the manuals for multiple clients.


About Intelligent Spas

Intelligent Spas is a 100% independent research company specialising in the spa industry. Founded in Singapore in 2001, it has pioneered spa industry research in the Asia Pacific region and continues to publish a range of Spa Business & Operations Manuals, Spa Consumer Surveys and Spa Industry Surveys to assist the development and growth of this important industry.


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