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Julie Garrow

Managing Director

Intelligent Spas



News Release

Intelligent Spas Publishes First Asia Pacific Spa Industry Report

Singapore, 19 April 2011 - Intelligent Spas' published the first Spa Industry Report for Asia Pacific which contains data on all 42 countries across the region. This new research covers total industry revenue and employment numbers by country, collected during Intelligent Spas' Global Spa Benchmark Program, as well as information relating to which spa markets are supported by industry associations and government departments, enforce legal requirements and training standards, plus practice traditional spa therapies. Each country was also analysed and categorised according to market status including mature market, growing market, emerging market or potential future market.

"The Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition (APSWC) is extremely pleased to have initiated the first-ever report covering all 42 Asia Pacific countries" explained Andrew Jacka, APSWC Chairman. "Compiled by our Premier Research Partner, Intelligent Spas, the report was released to delegates of the 5th APSWC Spa Forum held from 23-25 March, 2011 in Phuket Thailand. Given this is the first time such a report has been published, it has served to highlight the importance of the spa sector to the tourism industry in the region, acknowledging the significant number of professional spas that are already in existence, while showing that a number of Asia Pacific countries have yet to establish their first spa."

"This new Regional Spa Industry Report is a vital resource in understanding the spa industry across Asia Pacific and will prove useful in its continued development" stated Julie Garrow, Managing Director of 100% independent research company Intelligent Spas ( "Following the global economic instability the world has experienced over recent years, this research is timely to assist stakeholders within the industry to recognise changes in each marketplace, adapt their business strategies accordingly, identify new business opportunities and maximise overall performance."

Key Research Findings

  • There are over 3,500 spas currently operating in the Asia Pacific region.

  • These spas collectively generate approximately US$2 billion in revenue per annum.

  • The Asia Pacific spa industry employs over 50,000 people.

  • Over 60% of countries are considered emerging or potential spa markets suggesting there are plenty of development and business opportunities across the region.

  • The full report is available for immediate download from Intelligent Spas online store - click here to purchase.

Intelligent Spas is the only 100% independent research company specialising in the spa industry. Founded in Singapore in 2001, it has pioneered spa industry research in the greater Asia Pacific region and continues to publish a range of Spa Operations Manuals and Spa Benchmark Reports to assist the performance and growth of this essential industry.

Intelligent Spas' Global Spa Benchmark Program is currently underway in over 90 countries and aims to produce reliable and comparable statistics to help spas maximise their performance, provide business intelligence to assist other organisations to better understand, service and support the spa industry, plus generate greater awareness of the spa industry to increase spa visits. Spa owners and managers may join Intelligent Spas' free Global Spa Benchmark Program and receive their full market report free of charge by registering at

The detailed table of contents is below:

i           Introduction by Julie Garrow

ii           Table of Contents


1          Terms of Use

1.1       Publisher Information

1.2       Copyright Terms

1.3       User License Agreement - Use of this Publication and Copyright Regulations


1.5       Disclaimer


2          About the Research

2.1       The Value of 100% Independent Research

2.2       Research Objectives

2.3       Research Methodology

2.4       Confidentiality Policy

2.5       Benchmarking Definition of 'Spa'

2.6       Other Research Definitions

2.7       How to Read the Report

2.8       Challenges

2.9       Acknowledgements

2.10     Updates, Feedback and Suggestions

2.11     Register to Participate in the Global Spa Benchmark Program

2.12     Educational Resources


3          Asia Pacific Spa Industry Overview

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Spa Industry Size, Revenue and Employment

3.3       Spa Industry Regulations, Support and Training

3.4       Spa Industry Outlook

3.5       Asia Pacific Map


4          Mature Spa Markets

4.1       Definition

4.2       Overview of Market Size, Revenue and Employment

4.3       Results by country


5          Growing Spa Markets

5.1       Definition and Introduction

5.2       Overview of Market Size, Revenue and Employment

5.3       Results by country


6          Emerging Spa Markets

6.1       Definition

6.2       Overview of Market Size, Revenue and Employment

6.3       Results by country


7          Potential Future Spa Markets

7.1       Definition

7.2       Overview

7.3       Results by country


About Intelligent Spas Pte Ltd


Countries Included in the Report:

American Samoa





Cook Islands

Federated States of Micronesia


French Polynesia


Hong Kong







Marshall Islands




New Caledonia

New Zealand


North Korea

Northern Mariana Islands


Papua New Guinea




Solomon Islands

South Korea









Wallis and Futuna


Source: Intelligent Spas, Regional Spa Industry Report Asia Pacific 2011


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